Abriendo obturador: Teatro Tuyo: Perpetuos Caminantes


Por: Dunielys Díaz Hernández (Periodista de Radio 26)

Teatro Tuyo put into their knapsack the scenography like gypsies in Caminantes performance and a poster was hanged in Pepe Camejo saloom announcing “HOME”.

Ernesto Parra, dramatist, actor and performance director of Las Tunas group, said as his own confession that the theatre found him as if it were a mysterious soul an entity who prepares casting for the soul and defined as clown arts like principal stetic of their theatral group. “Across de first´s years Teatro Tuyo stared seeking its own axis then we were trained and prepared for: puppet theater, circus then we did realize that all of that performance are joined in a clown as only one performance discipline.” It helps the evolution of all kind of performance demanded because of high number of competition among then.

Adrian Bello the youngest actor in the cast testifies that: “When you decided study acting you has different disciplines but clown is excluded the stage become your school. Demanding you training, acrobatic skills, corporal expression, a little bit of everything.”

Aixa Prowl, tightrope walker has her debut sharing the stage with Adrian Bello in Caminantes, said that: binomial between theater and circus it is just like a challenge.

Ernesto Parra is in agreement with that and he has done his best in favor that. Behind of each Teatro Tuyo spectacle there are many hours of hard training, pantomime, folklore, dance, ballet, all joined inside of corporal virtuosity.

However clown performance is actually under evaluated perhaps evaluated as an easy performance just the nose painted in red celebrating a birthday of someone to receive a little bit of money although his soul is starving. Parra said about that: “It is just an epidermic work: make up, bizarre vestuary, but clown´s performance come inside itself and it require versality and deep technique culture beyond of external and ludic performance. Laugh must send a message and feeling provocation.”

Beyond a sweet smile…who is really the clowns?

Simplily…“the one who we carry inside of us forever.”

Parra says…“Awaking from ingenuousness we have inside us, the simplicity, the humility, the fear of ridiculous behavior”…because “(…) unfortunately growing up…tarnish us the real bright of everything”

Teatro Tuyo collect its baggage walking around to different stages, reducing the grayish thoughs with funny noses because they are not in Matanzas, they are performing in Las Tunas (or around de world?) La estación leaving us in a Parque de sueños wanting be a perpetuos Caminantes.


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