Abriendo obturador: The feast of puppet and image

Just when was intoned the Puppeteer’s hymn I arrive to Guiñol de Holguin. That was for me like a sign of good luck: everybody was chanted, whit strong voice, this simple but emotive song, it personify the lineage of actors and actress who assume, forever, the role of walking knights.

Whit this vagrant and jovial spirit, the city of parks dressed up for receiving its guest, ten theatres teams made (during five days) the eager program of Sixth Feast of Puppet. This event was founded by Miguel Santiesteban an important actor and headmaster of theatre for childs, who was taken by the destiny when he was young. But according whit the testimony of his colleages (and like say in the text of Titiritero performance represented by Teatro del Puerto) ¨tell that the rougish did an enchantment of invisibility and just the childs can hear his laugh and he live among curtains and puppets of his theatre, or maybe turned into a puppet of his dreams, whit a huge smile printed in the face¨. In that way is remembered the life and performance of this great man, whom is dedicated this event.

A little part of Guiñol de Holguin´s team was in charge of organize an extensive tour for several townships whit the main purpose of get to squares, parks, neighborhoods, schools and hospitals and homelessness for childs. Whit their altarpiece and puppets, childs and adults enjoyed the performances of excellent childlike theatre teams in Cuba, such as: Teatro Nacional de Guiñol, Guiñol de Guantánamo, and beyond a doubt the hostess of the feast: the Guiñol de Holguin. Others guest like the colombian team Croché Títeres, came from a far away and joined whit cubain colleagues, worked whit the strong hot of july month.

I saw each performance through the lens of my camera, whit it I have find a different theatre. Whitout let of follow the histories and peripetias of actors and actress, I can build my own stage, always foreign of real, it doesn´t matter bad conditions or the narrow space that the photographer have for looking for the betters angles, the intensive lights or it totally absence. It force me to implement all the tools that the technology gives me, in a short time. Situate me and make up for parameter is just the first part of process.

The magic happen when you develop the image, and just you know all the walls and corners that you had to climb up for getting it. Just you know how many times you had dodged all the heads of spectators and uneasy childs. I astonish when I discover in the pictures the expressions and gesture in the face of actors, and even in the face of puppets. The willingness of actors is amazing; they know what to do whit the differets publics, and still sometimes whit childs that have never seen the puppets theatre.

Nothing is an obstacle for puppeteer, maybe they don’t have all the resource that need but always they go whit their puppets and altarpiece, like say their own hymn. The consequence is what is expect: laughs, songs, stories, games and claps, many claps. The puppeteers and puppets don’t need nothing more for feeling glads and chippers for continue their way.


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