Lift up hand all who is japanese.

By María Laura Germán Aguiar
Pictures Sonia Teresa Almaguer

Well is know that Cuba is an enthusiast country and when is about the binominal – in regard to humanity and solidarity – we have been the second leaf for all who need it. Is curious that this condition immediately change and in some indefinite instant change for being from politic strategy to way of living of each cubain (the most interesting is that it assume like absolute truth and look how if it had been always there)

Well is know that Japan is a cultural empire that has one of the most senior traditions actually kept (handicraft, music, theatre). More than once we have had the opportunity of enjoy the deployment of ability in our country.

If we join both factors: enthusiasm and tradition, in binominal Cuba – Japan XXI century, is easy find the result: a claps explosion, zips and hysteria in front of the Japanese company Kageboushi in Covarrubias Hall of National Theatre.

The word Kageboushi means silhouette, with this is said almost all. The master Yasuaki Yamasaki chose the shadows theatre in 1978 for talking with the public. He fused the ancient technique of light and shades with projections of pictures and over its were animates the figure. In this way was possible tell stories of easy understanding like traditional fables (La grulla agradecida), tales adaptations (El árbol del Mochi) or performances without text (¡Que levante la mano quien quiera divertirse!). Almost ever the stories had a big moral charge.

Trusly that the screenings modernize the shadows theatre but is truth too that this technique is suggest in itself and don´t need a big technologies for creating this magic atmosphere that guide to violents claps.

The making of silhouettes was beautiful with just the intention of honor the Japanese title; the performance of actors we have to suppose that is connect with the translation of text to Spanish and with a coldest way of perform than the caribbean; and the animation (generally) clean without purpose of impress a lot.

We can´t say that we don´t enjoyed it, less with a full theatre clapping, and in reality we appreciate the close contact with so wonderful animation technique (thanks to Consejo Nacional de las Artes Escénicas and to Japan´s Embassy in La Habana).¿That the XXI century has had other things with the shadows theatre?, is truth. For the same actualization of mediums that propose the group I expected see more and better. But I can´t condition the appreciation of the spectacle for a single view; because who better that japanese for judging it and in this hall ladies and gentlemans: Lift up hand who is japanese!