The exquisiteness like law

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By Fernando León Jacomino

Around one month ago I was part of Jury in “El Anaquel”, I was invited by Ulises Rodríguez Febles and the C.M.E when the young photographer Julio César García talked me about his new project called “Lente titiritero”. I had heard about it already and even I had touched its second number, it had a striking prints quality and smart division in sections as well as an excellent coherence among its images. This project conceived in Matanzas city but open to all Cuba and the world, is a hard work that supply the shortage in different domain such as the theatre, the visual art and the publishing process. So that this interdisciplinarity and its elongation in the time could be one the most important contribution of this new issue. Lente titiritero has s serious documental value, its team is interesting in know each event in everywhere in Cuba.

This fourth number is dedicated to the way in how every artist work in the photography in the puppets theatre and includes testimonies of the relation between the Therapeutic Clowns of “La Colmenita Company” and childs of National Institute of Oncology and Radiobiology. The images of the section “Último disparo” belong to Luis Enrique Jaque like effect of “Taller hacienda cine en el hospital”, this work was developed by this team of young artist and their vocation of “put the big shoe of clown whit a Kernel hidden in the heel, over there where the sadness is entertain and show fissure” this is what say in their declaration foundational.

The section “Negativo salvado” by Ramón Pacheco Salazar who give us two collective images in white and black of Romance del papalote que quiso llegar a la luna, shows as the performance by René Fernández that was opened in 1990. Master of many youngs, Pacheco is knowing particulary for his relation whit the work of the theatres in Matanzas city and for his contributions in the weekly newspaper Girón.

“Revelado Nacional” offer a space for the photographer Sonia Teresa Almaguer who documents the performance Titiritero by Teatro del Puerto and My Valentine, integrated for students of High Institute of Art. Sonia is also invited for the web section “Abriendo obturador”, she give a write testimony about her participation in “Fiesta del títere” in Holguín city, illustrated with some images of some spectacles participants.

With its regard to other context the bulletin open the door to El gran circo through the section “Zoom internacional”. This piece was directed by Ariel Bufano for the Grupo de Titiriteros del Teatro San Martín, Buenos Aires.

Hugest puppets, with one or several keys were taken by the lens of Carlos Furman. Furman is an argentine photographer. He was born in 1960 and actually he is the director of Teatro magazine. In his work we can find Feliz viaje (2000), Escenarios (2003), and ¡Que revienten los artistas!, this a group of picture about Tadeusz Kantor and his company enduring his travel to Buenos Aires in 1980 years.

All this concert of images is presided for one snaps hot that represent the “Compañía de Marionetas Hilos mágicos” taken by Julio César García.

In the last edition of “El Anaquel” this bulletin lifted up with one of the main prize, this a scientific event of performing arts celebrated in Matanzas city. This award is a reconnaissance for this publishing that has selected the exquisiteness like a norm and the research of process and event of performing arts like compass.